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Restoration & Re-wiring Of A 'Potted Motor' aka 'Direct Drive' Knee Lever Singer 201-2

Written Tue 2nd Dec 2014

Hi there and welcome!

I finished this off a week or so ago but what with the arrival of my second son (Raffi, 10lb 1oz, superb!) its the first chance I've had to get some pics. Kids eh? lol!

This was done following the amazing blog by a chap called Nicholas Rain Noe....I cannot stress how thorough and clear his blog is and my words below are not intended to tell you how to do it or make out I'm some kinda genius...this is purely here so that should you come across it hopefully it'll point you in the right direction...heres link, have a read and enjoy:

As I mentioned in my first post, I'm a complete newbie with electrics and over the moon that I completed the task...the end result works perfectly and looks great so if anyone is thinking of having a go or finds themselves in a similar position, dont be scared and take the plunge!

Just one thing, if you do try to do this then follow the instructions to the letter and make sure you have everything needed....I very nearly came unstuck at one point right at the end because I couldnt get the 'worm' back in because my pliers were not long enough....I was furious with myself....luckily I remembered I had a longer pair buried in the shed somewhere and dug them out and they afforded me the length and angle's things like this that can throw your whole project out of the window. If the man says he uses long-nose pliers/angled forceps then trust me he uses them for a reason!

I bought this machine on ebay for £10 and though I've since spent quite a bit getting all the stuff mentioned in the blog, it will last me many, many years and serve on numerous other projects....most guys seem to own most of this stuff so wouldn't need to shell out like I are the first was a total mess:

here you can see the totally rusted knee lever bar, dull lock plates and scratched needle throat plates:

here you can see the state of the wiring and rusty, chipped compartment lid....the base is damaged too and I replaced it with a spare:

and heres the worst bit...perished grommet and severe oil/grease damage and rotted cables coming from the motor:

first of all I restored the lid and lever...pretty much sanded:

resulting thumb lol...yup next time I'll use paint stripper:


resprayed with black enamel and lacquer...the lid now also has a new rubber grommet:

then I re-wired the female socket and fitted new plug (yes yes, I know, no underwriters knot!...don't worry, the motors got one!):

then it was jump in the deep end...motor taken apart and cables exposed...and whilst they're a complete mess, the tubes that hold the brushes were lovely and clean, so it was full steam ahead:

cables stripped back ready for the soldering and shrink-tubing of new wires:

I didnt bother taking hundreds of pics as this is all documented in the blog....motor and knee lever pedal re-wired and everything now connected up into the male socket:

and here she is....:

last thing to do is carefully use some Maas metal polish to get a bit of rust off the serial number plate...I also decided to use an original lid that I picked up rather than the one I restored so that it matches more 'naturally'....I'll use the restored one on another project:

and the best and most satisfying view....ta-da! grease, no damage and invisible cabling!...she has had all her shiney bits re- polished and also has better needle plates and so on....and new red felts which I forgot to put on!:

she goes like a dream and thanks to Nicholas Rain Noe for an absolutely outstanding tutorial!

Now to finish off my re-spray/re-decal/re-lacquer project.....dreading it lol...and if you need any help or advice or have any questions, feel free to drop me a line...I'm still very much a newbie at all this, but if I can help, I will:



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