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Monday, 8 December 2014

Rant time lol!

Now you wouldn't put the wrong fuel or oil in your car would you? So why put the wrong stuff in your 201 motor and mechanics? Especially when you consider that back in it's day the 201 cost more than our BMW 1 Series is worth in todays money. I've tonight been stripping and cleaning my third machine this week and the experience has reminded me off the ear problems I've had over the years.

Disgusting huh? All of that came out of the head alone! That's more than ever came out of my head. Whoever had done the lube job had squirted thick grease in through the oil holes...the grease was so thick that most of it hadn't even reached the parts it was supposed to...hence why this 201 is the only one out of the 18 I've bought so far that was totally jammed up through stiffness.The grease had simply squirted in and coiled up and adhered itself mainly to the inside of the body...where it had mostly dried up in to a crumbling gloop.

My friend Mac told me very early on in my Singer Journey to R.T.F.M.!!! (read the f****** manual). Even if you don't have the appropriate manual it's all there to read online or ask someone who'll know like any one of a thousand ebay sellers, mechanics, sewing machine shops etc etc.

In the last year I've done a fair bit of reading and lots of people say lots of different things about their favourite lube and so on. I've a very simple way of looking at it...Singer know lots about sewing machines, particularly their own, and they know just as much about how to lubricate them, so guess what....?....that's why I use Singer oil and Singer grease...easy peasy innit?



ps...just to clarify...grease for the motor...oil on everything else...

...and if you need any help or advice or have any questions, feel free to drop me a line...I'm still very much a newbie at all this, but if I can help, I will:

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