Unlike a lot of sellers I don't coat my machines in oil minutes before photographing them to make them appear better than they are. I also don't tweak the pictures to raise contrast to make them look better than they are. And I don't photograph them against white backgrounds to make them look better than they are. Rather I wipe them over with a dry cloth prior to taking the pictures...which are then taken in natural light outdoors (weather permitting) against a neutral background and published with no editing whatsoever apart from cropping and re-sizing for use on my pictures are also brutally honest in detail and colour as they're taken with a very expensive Canon EOS50D.


I will ALWAYS drive to collect a machine where possible and have covered the whole bottom part of the UK many times over....however I've also had to buy many, many dozens of machines online and the amount of damage, stress and misery caused by doing so is amazing...the biggest causers of damage are usually these two things...

1...the weight of the machine pulling itself out of the base in some way resulting in cracked corners, snapped retention pins etc and/or...

2...the machine then punches a hole through the top of the case with the top spool pin when it rips free...and then scratches itself along the top on the internals of the case...

Quite often machines are damaged by poor packaging and sellers who don't care and/or can't be bothered (what makes me really mad is the fact that I take the trouble to send every seller helpful, informative text to guide them with appropriate packaging...which of course they usually ignore)....and the rest of the time by the postal services who don't seem to be able to read 'FRAGILE...SEWING MACHINE...THIS WAY UP''....and who also don't care and/or can't be bothered....even the sellers and postal services who do care and can be bothered quite often don't seem to be very intelligent....

As a result of this experience I won't be prepared to post my machines in cases...there is no way I will risk one of mine, which has been restored and taken up at least a day of my life, as I'm sure you appreciate...I care little about the case, they are easily replaced and pretty much un-necessary anyway...if a case or lid is an absolute must then I'll happily send in another parcel. Machines will be removed from their bases, which will be sent separately wrapped in the same parcel.


It takes quite a bit of time to pack up a sewing machine properly and there's materials too on top of the postage can buy a lot of petrol for that same money and with just a bit of your time collect your sewing machine personally from me most days of the week...and to reward you for being so caring I, in return, would then be happy to make you a cuppa while I show you the basics of how to use your new baby lol!

Due to all of the above I have more machines than I do cases, many of which have been so badly damaged that repairing has not been possible or please bear in mind that what you see in the pictures is what you will actually be buying...please contact me to arrange a case/lid if you would like one and of course I'll bend over backwards to oblige...I'm just trying to make things clear and explain the harsh world of sewing-machine-collecting haha!


OK...I NEED TO ***STRESS*** THAT I'M NOT A QUALIFIED the risk of scaring you and losing sales here's the truth as I see it...all of the motors on my machines are AT LEAST 50 years old...and whilst I like to think I've a good brain in my head, with a good amount of sewing machine experience and I've also done total-rewiring jobs (see the rewiring of potted motor in my blog section) I must do the right thing and point out that wiring/motors/plugs/electrics etc etc that are at least 50 years old could well possibly be faulty/dangerous/worn out. And because I'M NOT A QUALIFIED ELECTRICIAN I'm going to say that to be 100 percent safe you should get all that stuff checked by a qualified electrician. Don't get me wrong...I'm not going to sell anything that I think is even slightly iffy (I have a family and I won't put anyone elses at risk!)...I run all my motors a fair bit to check them...I rewire anything that looks dodgy...I take out the brushes to see if some plonker has poured oil into the brush tubes...I put a modern plug onto everything....I tighten screws...etc etc....I also plan to do a P.A.T. Testing course this year...however I have also had a motor ''blow up'' on me (no-one was killed obviously but the sparks, noise and smoke made me jump out of my skin...only one motor mind, out of many dozens...but one was enough thankyou) and I've also experienced some funny smells and seen some horrific corrosion not only of the wire and connectors but also of the insulation, I've also opened up motor cases to see them full of brown sticky grease/oil/gunk...put it this way...I've seen enough to know that 50+ year old motors with tough lives behind them and wires with no earth, incorrect fuses and so on should be treated with the respect they deserve and ideally checked by someone 'professional'. Its common there...and whilst I've got you...when plugging in your machine, as far as I  know, the best way to do it is to put the connector into the motor first...then the plug into the power socket second. Don't leave your machine powered up and un-attended and also as far as I know you should have a 3amp fuse in the plug...but as I said....I'M NOT A QUALIFIED ELECTRICIAN...I literally throw out anything that even so much as makes one hair on my neck stand's just not worth the motors can be purchased easily online and whilst they are of course not as kooooool as an original Singer one at least they meet current safety standards and should be 100 percent safe...though why they all seem to be white I don't know...hopefully one day some genius will figure out that a matching new motor in black might increase sales....doh! ONE LAST THING...I'M NOT A QUALIFIED ELECTRICIAN!


Prices listed do not include postage...please email for shipping costs.


I would prefer payment cash on collection mainly because I'd prefer you to collect the machine...though Paypal Family/Friends is also fine.


I don't try to sell the machine by making out it's something it's not...sellers often refer to a domestic Singer as 'Industrial' or 'Semi-industrial' which is in-correct and mis-leading...or by bundling a whole load of gumpf with it...(my machines speak for themselves)'s the truth, in my opinion...


It's lovely to have the original screw-drivers, oil cans, manuals, feet, attachments, mats etc etc but you'll probably never need them or use them...for example, the screwdrivers are too small, when you buy oil it will come in a container that's more than suitable, manuals are downloadable everywhere and as for feet and attachments, unless you are already fairly knowlegeable or intend to become so and start 'seamstressing' there's a good chance you'll never need the majority of them.


I'm no seamstress (yet) but I have made  many different designs of bags in a huge range of materials including 20 oz canvas, various cases, pouches etc etc and so far I've never yet needed any other foot apart from the standard one nor needed to use anything but a largish needle, good thread and a long stitch-length setting. (Sir Alex Askaroff will probably read this and go mental at me haha!)


My point is that as long as you build a good relationship with your amazingly-made Singer, just a basic understanding and basic skills and basic kit will see you a long, long way. I do of course own everything because I'm a complete OCD-completist-anal-nerd-collector, so if you want to be like me, please drop me a line and I'll bend over backwards to  oblige and get you everything you need lol.