Hi...I'm a leathersmith and traditional craftsman based in Bordon, Hampshire and I bought my first Singer back in 2014 for £200 and I regret not a penny...there she is below, a lovely Mark2 aluminium-bodied 201.

I had intended to start making a range of canvas bags but that ended up taking a back seat as instead I ended up getting really into  201's, collecting all the different versions, taking them apart and restoring them. For a few of years all I did was buy them to the point where I've not seen a variant I don't own...sad huh?...maybe, but take a look at my collection through the above link and I'm sure you'll agree they are beautiful! Funnily enough, I've barely had a chance to use most of them due to the fact I'm so busy with the other things I do...a seamstress I am not, (yet) however I could probably take a 201 apart and put it back together again blind-folded LOL!

Then in mid-2018 I made the mistake of going into a local charity shop and picked up a Precision Royale in near

perfect condition for just £10, I couldn't help myself...shortly after, an auction house nearby, and there were two lovely machines that came home with me, a Frister & Rossmann Model E and a gorgeous re-badged German beauty (that has still refused to allow itself to be identified for sure)...and at that point I really caught the bug...


Since then I've collected about 100 of the other Singer models which I've dis-mantled and re-assembled and to get myself to a place I'm comfortable with I took the 20 dirtiest, most abused and faulty machines I had and worked on those first...and now that I've got that knowlege I've decided to start selling beautiful machines and also offering servicing and restoration.

So...check out the above links...the pictures can be magnified so you'll be able to see the amount of attention I pay

every machine to make it as good as it can be so that it will bring you a matching amount of pleasure. Its been a steep learning curve (with plenty of cursing and sore fingers along the way) and I've driven the length and breadth of the south of England numerous times collecting the machines personally where possible...up till the early hours covered in grease nearly every night etc etc...but it's been worth it, because I really love sewing machines and will always be foremost a collector, rather than a dealer.


Because of that I strip, clean and polish literally 90+ percent of my machines, even when they don't really need it...once restored and tuned every machine is then tested to ensure perfect function as well as good looks so that in another 100 years+ it will still be going strong.