LEGENDARY 201'S                     ICONIC 12K FIDLEBASES                    ORNATE V.S.2 27K


Hello and welcome to my new website and business based near Bordon, Hampshire!


To cut a long story short...basically what I love to do is to try and make antique sewing machines as new as possible again. Over time, and often through both use and neglect, they not only degrade cosmetically but also become defective...I not only clean and service them but I also restore them...a process which takes 'servicing' to the next level, by finding every obscure issue and also resulting in a gorgeous looking machine once more.

To understand more please see the 'Restoration', 'FAQ' and 'About' sections using the above Blog should

also make some fun reading and I hope you enjoy looking through My Collection...some real eye-candy in there and growing rapidly!

And last but not least of course is the Shop...I've just today uploaded the 'first wave' for the launch of the site and I've put every bit of effort into those as the ones that are personal. I would like to add that I've have many, many more beautiful machines coming as soon as I can get them strip and restore one machine as I do takes a day

of my life and that's if it all goes smoothly haha! There are over 20 on here available for sale...please check out the links above or click on any of the images.

If there's a particular model or condition you're after, please drop me a line...I can also provide full packages if required such as boxes of feet, manuals, extension tables and so on. I can also change a machine from crank to

electric if requested etc etc...

The contact page is  there...please don't be afraid to use it whether for an order, enquiry or just some advice...if I can help I will...and there's also a Live Chat (bottom right), I'm usually by my computer here in my workshop and can

easily be gotten hold of...I would also like to hear any input concerning the website, suggestions for improvement etc...and the images can all be magnified when you hover over them, perfect for scrutinising all that shiney goodness!


Ta for now and enjoy!





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Fanastic. if you want a really well restored vintage Singer, buy from him. Buyer: power2learn

Sonni, thanks so much for everything, including all the information in the emails.

We had a really lovely time last night and thoroughly appreciate all the time you took

to go through things with us. I’ll keep in touch. Yours, Tom.

(Singer 99k filigree SERIAL NUMBER: Y1621079 YEAR: 1923)

Hi Sonni. Thank you so much for all your help. I am over the moon with my machine and

I’m itching to use it. I’ve even threaded it all by myself lol. I hope you didn’t get in

trouble for spending so long here. Jane, Liss

(Full service & partial restore of a 201k and its treadle base)

Hi Sonni,

Thanks for spending the time to talk me through my new machine at the bushcraft show.  

I'm over the moon with it. Brilliant to meet you,

Thanks, Sue

(Singer 201k YEAR: 1934)